Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Some Important Thing to Consider Before Mobile App Development

After running business online with the help of a website, now is the time to develop a mobile app to hit more targeted audience who are using smart phones.  There are lots of things to think about before you build out your mobile app. Market is getting bigger and bigger so it is important that build that one which can provide more benefits. Peoples become more particular about the mobile apps that which types of mobile apps they like to you. If anyone planning to build up a app to increase their business than you should be aware to yourself before starting the development of mobile app, which helps you to develop an user friendly app and these are below:- 

What is/are the main commercial aim(s) of the app?: - Prior to development of any app you should be clear about the purpose of your app and that is what you want to by this app, you want to promote your business or want to increase sales of your business products. Without any clear aim, you will never be able to achieve goal for which you are going to develop an mobile app.

How will different users experience my app? : - You also think that where are users of your app, what is their age, are they male or female, which operating system & devices they mostly use and so on. If you get the right answers of these questions then you ensure success of your app. For example if you build up app for different platform such as IOS, Android/Mobile Web then you do not feel requirement of any development in your app which decrease in cost of app.

How big (literally) will my app be? : - Mobile apps are not like a website. They are not a package of high resolutions images same as the tradition web pages. Basically apps download for the smart phone and they reside there. Always try to accumulate short data in your app because sometime they take lot of space for storage. If your app occupies big amount of space then plan to short its data for better use of app.

What Are the Basic Features Any App Should Have? : - Before going out to develop an app knowledge of basic features about a app is must, which are common and without these any app cannot be complete and these features are that sign-up, notifications, integration with marketing and social component as well.  So keep these things in mind when you develop your app.

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