Monday, 7 December 2015

Killer Things To Avoid During Website Design is Beneficial For A Website And SEO

Building a website design is art and science both. An artistic endeavor gives a form of user perspective and technical skill convert these designs tactile inventiveness. Many companies choose a perfect website according to their business, which are running in present time and implement it’s as their business, which is worst. When this sequence repeat again and again by the companies its make a group of imperfectly websites and its doesn’t fulfill basic user experience requirements. Such these types of websites have bad content and get poor traffic and also get low site ranking in major search engines. 

There are some website design techniques that should avoid, as they are harmful for a website design and reduces SEO valuation. Discursion on some these types of techniques are below:- 

Using Tables in Website Layout: Use tables into website design coding make page completed and most of layout use lot of table attributes such as colspan, rowspan, nested tables. Although design a website with the help of tables is easy but its maintenance is too hard. Most screen reader find difficult to read it and content with table difficult to read from left to right and top to bottom. HTML 5 designers avoid table in layout and HTML 4.01 disallow it. 

Infinite Scrolling: Although scroll is a most popular design and website widely use it (mostly e-commerce), but it is not for all websites. Use of this technique depends on the nature and aim of a website. When the website structure is flat and aim stream content continuously, this technique is useful, and if website aim is to assist users to locate a specific task, it not useful and may be hurt user experience. 

Parallax Scrolling: Parallax scrolling is mostly used and it is a good function that leads loyal visitors. But other issues are also associate with it. Parallax scrolling may be a cause of low SEO ranking. It’s useful for a website which is one page website full with content, images and has a good visual display. And other side if website is an infographic (image with text), Google never read it. And can be lead low SEO ranking. 

Lazy Loading: Lazy loading of a website doesn’t allow load the content or images of a webpage when user/ visitor interact with the website.  These types of content doesn’t be indexed by search engines and search engine’s spiders will index only visible content and it result come out in form of low SEO ranking and lose lot of traffic. So developer and SEO team should always evaluate the reasons of low loading of a website and become sure about fast loading of your website. 

Lack of Mobile Configured Design: Advance technology brings whole world in everyone’s pocket with the help of mobile. So now keep their business website mobile friendly is essential. Now major search engines bring their mobile algorithm, which are pushed down this website which are not mobile friendly. A responsive design allow website to load on different size of device. So design your website responsive to get more popularity. 

The above mentioned issues/ techniques are harmful for your website, so always try to avoid implementing these techniques in your website to get good result. 

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